Short update

It won’t be long now till I fly to Japan. Specifically, I’ll be leaving on 23rd September. I am almost packed but that’s probably as far as I have gone with all the promised planning.

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New Resolution

It is often said that those who do pilgrimage do it for a reason. Some do it to show gratitude to the Gods for allowing them to have the career they do, some seek guidance. Everybody has their own reason and today, I have found my own. Continue reading

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I know it has been quite a while since I posted last. The main reason for the break is because I haven’t really been driven to read anything related to the topic. For some reason, I am still excited about doing the pilgrimage but I have been recently questioning its validity as a formidable topic for the dissertation. Maybe it is because I still haven’t read enough to make up my mind what my special angle and view on the topic would be, or in what way I am going to tackle it and the lack of resolution to try and figure it out has been slowing me down. Continue reading

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Geography, Environment, Pilgrimage by Barbara Ambors in Nanzan Guide To Japanese Religion

Nanzan Guide To Japanese Religion (origin of the article)

Nanzan Guide To Japanese Religion (origin of the article)

This time I just read a section of the book as it was a recommendation of the provisional dissertation supervisor. So the main reason wasn’t that much the content of this article as its reference, but to understand the relevance of the references I had to read the article (vicious circle, huh?).

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First set of maps for the pilgrimage

This gallery contains 6 photos.

All these maps are not a detailed one in the sense that they don’t show every turn and corner but they provide some details about every temple on the route, anything interesting about them. What I also enjoy is the … Continue reading

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All Research is Fieldwork: A Practical Introduction to Studying in Japan as a Foreign Researcher by Levi McLaughlin

So I have just finished reading this article and there is only word to describe it: useful. Continue reading

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Meeting with a provisional dissertation supervisor (30.5.2014)

I know it is quite a few days later but since it is the end of exam period I have decided to just relax and not pay much attention to this blog. Well, that’s going to change with this post and other posts once I’ll finish reading some of the articles that I am reading at the moment.

Anyway, as for the meeting, it appears that my possible future dissertation supervisor will be a professor that lectured us on religion in Japan in 1st semester this year. She is a nice lady with several publications of her own. During the meeting we spoke a bit about the possible topic of the dissertation. I mentioned that I would probably do something related to Kannon, the pilgrimage and maybe marketization of the pilgrimage as well. Yet, I still have to find my own specific angle on the whole matter which will hopefully happen in the next upcoming 3 or 4 months. Continue reading

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