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Where to collect data from

In this short post I just want to quickly jot down what I’ve been told during the talk couple days ago in terms of where to get the data from for the dissertation while in Japan. Apart from the fact … Continue reading

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The Starting Point

The starting point, or the first base in the long run just to come up with a dissertation topic that is specific enough to fit into 12 000 words but is also original and interesting enough for me to write … Continue reading

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Chichibu: Japan’s Hidden Treasure by Sumiko Enbutsu

This is more of practical book rather than academic reading. You could call it a travel guide but the reason I bought is because it has some 60 pages dedicated to the Chichibu Pilgrimage.

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Japanese Pilgrimage by Oliver Statler

This book could be called the ultimate reason for the creation of this website and for the topic of my dissertation.

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