All Research is Fieldwork: A Practical Introduction to Studying in Japan as a Foreign Researcher by Levi McLaughlin

So I have just finished reading this article and there is only word to describe it: useful. This article is nicely structured and talks about necessary steps to take if one wants to make the most out of one’s research. It takes the reader from the first steps of planning, through to making contact and how to make the best impression (including the price range of small presents that are something good to bring when meeting, e.g. a professor), all the way to how to fit into a group that one is researching without imposing one’s self onto others. I absolutely adore this article and will definitely take it as a guideline when doing my research.

The whole article is easy to read. It’s not an academic text like some other might be. It is a plain guide based on experience, impressions and personal findings of Mr. McLaughlin.

I would totally suggest this article to anyone who wants to do a research anywhere in the world. It is quite universal which makes it applicable to a lot of cases, which consequently makes it useful. Thumbs up for this one.

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