Short update

It won’t be long now till I fly to Japan. Specifically, I’ll be leaving on 23rd September. I am almost packed but that’s probably as far as I have gone with all the promised planning.

Since realizing that I am no longer sure whether I want to take pilgrimage as my dissertation topic, I have been very lazy about all the preparations I have promised in an earlier post. I still want to do it, I am just not as jazzed up about it, now that I know it will be more for pleasure than academic obligation.

Also, I was thinking that if I wanted to start booking hotels, contacting all the shrines and temples, it would be much more convenient to do so once in Japan. First of all, calls from my country would cost fortune, and emails…well, it can get pretty slow.

Anyway, I am taking with be the book about Chichibu pilgrimage that I wrote a review on earlier in the year as well as a leather bound notebook I bought especially for the time when I do pilgrimage, so that I could put in all the notes and thoughts and ideas.

Like I said, I have been very lazy about the whole thing, but I am still very much intending to do the pilgrimage during spring vacation next year.

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