I guess a bit about myself is in order here. My name is Janie and I am a 2nd year student at the University of Manchester. My major is Japanese studies and next year is my year abroad in Japan. Apart from being super excited about it, I also had to start thinking about the topic for my dissertation about which me and my classmates are supposed to research about whilst in Japan. It’s obvious but I chose pilgrimage. The reason for that is the book by Oliver Statler ‘Japanese Pilgrimage’. He wrote about Shikoku pilgrimage. It was the way he wrote about it and the facts he included in his book that made me interested in the whole topic. That is why I have chosen pilgrimage as my dissertation topic and also as a travel activity when in Japan. As of yet I am not sure how I will narrow the topic. But I guess that’s why I am starting this blog, to somehow muddle through this tedious process of selection and exclusion.

The frequency of posts won’t be great during the rest of this month (May 2014) as it’s the exam period but once that is over, I will post all sorts of things about the Chichibu pilgrimage (if I didn’t mention it before, that is the pilgrimage I am going to do in Japan) beginning with planning of the routes, accommodation and other general preparation, all the way through to the actual pilgrimage which will roughly happen in March 2015. So yes, I probably won’t post often but what I will post will be relevant to the subject in one way or another.

Either way, feel free to rummage through this blog or contact me about anything that you have in mind.

All the best!


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